Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kaylee's CAKE SMASH!!

I think this could quite possibly be my favorite type of photo shoot!  There is something I just love about photographing kiddos eating.  Call me crazy, I may be!  (And if you read my personal blog, you've probably seen hundreds of shots of my own kids with food all over their faces!)

I did Kaylee's one year pictures a few weeks ago and I had such a good time.  Her family holds a super special place in my heart so spending time with her is always special.  

We started out with a cake.

She decided to check it out

and see what she thought of this whole cake business.

She quickly decided that getting her hands dirty was NOT something she was interested in! :)

Reading was much, much more appealing.

Her mama convinced her to try one more time,

but she decided that mama could try it.  She still wasn't interested!

But she did get just a tiny bit messy! 

I had a blast, Kaylee! 

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